Meena Yen – Lingerie

Meena Yen in 'Lingerie'
A basket of flowers stand on a table. Meena Yen is seated beside it, in lacy black lingerie and long gloves, providing a stark contrast to the colourful blooms. As her fingertips glide over her shapely body Meena shudders at the seductive tremors that radiate from the lace. Straps loosed, Meena enjoys the sensation as the fabric tumbles from her breasts, lacy fingertips teasing her swelling nipples. Panties are pushed and pulled lazily down over her thighs, neat vagina hair framing her glistening pussy. Sinking back onto her seat Meena yawns her thighs wide and runs fingertips down over her bare inner thighs, tracing an erotic path towards her pussy as it strains for attention.

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Vicky Kae – Art House

Vicky Kae in 'Art House'
Vicky Kae considers the artwork on the wall, throwing appreciative glances at the colour, contours and shapes. She is wearing a sheer black top and red panties which contrast sharply. Her black high heels resound across the tiled floor. Turning to the room her hands move across the lacy top, the uptilting peaks of her sweet tits emerging. With a provocative glance she shrugs the top off and seats herself on a wood bench. Fingers prise the panties down over her thighs and over her black heels. Vicky slowly draws her thighs wide, slim fingers exploring her almost hairless bush and down to her slick snatch lips. Taking a toy she licks the head, traces it down over her breasts, to her waist, and then between her legs. With a contented sigh Vicky drives the toy deep inside her.

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Anna Hmok – Leopard Print

Anna Hmok in 'Leopard Print'
The warm summer sun reflects from the lush green leavs of trees that stretch to the horizon. Anna Hmok gazes across this emerald vista from her rooftop vantage point. Tendrils of her long auburn hair reach down to her shoulders. Anna twists in a wicker chair, her leopard print dress riding up over her thighs, revealing her panties. As she turns again Anna lifts the hem of her dress up over her breasts. their peaks stiffen in the sunlight. Plunging fingers into her knickers Anna slips them down over her thighs. And swinging her thighs wide Anna caresses the long, thick shaft of a toy, lifting the head to her lips before plunging it deep inside her wet pussy.

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Meena Yen – Country Girl

Meena Yen in 'Country Girl'
Long black pigtails flowing over her red plaid dress Meena Yen strums a few chords on her guitar. Looking up she sets it aside, fingering the long tendrils of hair and pulling at the hem of her dress. Stretching out on an inviting bale of hay Meena pushing thumbs under the straps of her dress and pushes it down over her full breasts, crowned with luscious, delightful peaks that strain towards the attention of fingers and tongues. Her dress falls to the floor, and peeling off panties Meena reaches for a huge, thick toy, sucking on the head before guiding it to her wet vagina lips.

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Vicky Kae – Flower Girl

Vicky Kae in 'Flower Girl'
Vicky Kae emerges from behind a fine screen, shirt knotted at the waist, skin tight shorts circling her waist. She seats herself on a white bench, absently playing with the knotted shirt until she loosens it, baring her sizeable breasts. Instinctively her hands cup them, squeezing them together, fingers circling the sensitive peaks. Shorts are pushed down, and panties prised from her pussy, spread with eager fingers.

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Tangmo Ran – Denim Play

Tangmo Ran in 'Denim Play'
Tangmo Ran stands on a balcony, overlooking the rolling Thai countryside. Denim shorts cling to her hips. Pushing them down Tangmo sinks to the floor, thighs spreading. She pushes her top over her breasts, then peels off her panties. Taking a enormous toy in her hand she guides it slowly inside her.

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Anna Hmok – Whitewashed

Anna Hmok in 'Whitewashed'
Anna Hmok is following the sound of birdsong. Her attention moves from branch to branch as she follows a line of trees, bounded by a whitewashed fence. Anna is wearing a brief pink top and denim shorts. Bushes are still and unmoving in the humid air as she passes. Finding the source of the exotic song Anna plants her hands on the fence and gazes all about her. Turning her fingers play absently at her top, teasing her hardening nipples through it until Anna pulls it over her breasts and teases the thick peaks. Pulling her shorts down over her thighs Anna soon peels off her panties, her slick pussy clinging to them. Naked Anna climbs up onto the fence, fingertips sliding down between her spread thighs to her waiting pussy.

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