Mei Mei – Retro Gamer

Mei Mei in 'Retro Gamer'
Mei Mei hesitates over her move. Pawn or knight? She fingers her hair as she ponders. She is wearing a tight white top and red plaid skirt. She decides to make the move some other day, or at least until she's had time to consider her options. And what better way to do that than to peel off her top and fondle her big, firm breasts. As she loses herself in her new game she teases and pinches her swelling nipples, wriggling around in her seat until she must pull off her skirt and panties and plunge a hand between her spread legs, finding her snatch wet with the anticipation of penetrating fingers.

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Shampoo Mei – Dinner Date

Shampoo Mei in 'Dinner Date'
Birdsong lifts through the lush green leaves that overhang the terrace Shampoo Mei is seated upon. She sips at a glass of orange as she finishes her meal, leaning back in a wicker chair. Her lush black hair grazes over entrancing deep, black eyes. The black straps of a cream address contrast with her pale skin. Shampoo rises from the chair and gazes around herself. The straps fall from her shoulders as she does so, and hesitantly Shampoo guides to dress down over her breasts. The thick dark nipples blossom in the warm sun. Shampoo gathers at the hem of the dress and pulls it up over her matching panties. Then letting it fall at her feet Shampoo hitches thumbs into her panties and slowly slips them down her thighs, kicking them off. Sinking back onto the wicker chair, naked, Shampoo enjoys the warm sun as it plays over her body, from her ripe breasts, their nipples erect, down over her sweet buns and slipping between her thighs to her wet pussy.

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Cherry Chen – Pussycat

Cherry Chen in 'Pussycat'
Cherry Chen prowls along a balcony overlooking rolling hills and lush verdant trees. With cat like grace she measures each step. Her fingers dart about her top with precise and predatory movements, baring her rich breasts. The pale crowns swell under the touch of the sun. Then plunging hands into her panties, peeling them from her almost hairless pussy, fingertips tracing the parting lips. Feeding time has arrived for Cherry and she gathers up a huge toy, mouth urgently playing on its head, exploring its countours with her lips and tongue before she arrows it to her waiting pussy.

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Chelsea – Garden

Chelsea in 'Garden'
Chelsea pauses for a few minutes in the shade of a tree, extending her lithe body against it, her slip riding up over her soft thighs and exposing her panties as she stretches. Taking a seat beside a wall of bamboo Chelsea lets her slip fall from her shoulders, baring her breasts. Taking a step inside Chelsea slips out of her panties, bending over, her ripe rear inviting attention.

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Dream Patra – Hay Seed

Dream Patra in 'Hay Seed'
Dream Patra reclines across a mountain of hay bales. She is wearing white dungarees. Alone there her hands soon caress her body, pushing the dungarees down over her breasts, her budding nipples hardening delightfully under her insistent touch. Fingertips tease and tweak them into eager peaks. The dungarees pushed down and thrown aside Dream gazes down between her spreading legs, and she licks her lips at the sight of her smooth shaved pussy. Licking her fingers she reaches between her legs and spreads her wetness.

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