Nancy Ho – Camping Trip

Nancy Ho in 'Camping Trip'
Nancy Ho lounges in a hammock as her boyfriend puts up the tent for their camping trip, joining him as he finishes the work. The couple are eager to make the most of their time in the great outdoors and are soon undressing each other.

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Amy Berry – Gold

Amy Berry in 'Gold'
Amy Berry is seated on a scralet chair. She is wearing a gold dress that clings to her shapely body. A pearl bracelet is on her wrist. As she relaxes on the seat her slim hands wander over her body, coursing over the swell of her boobs and coming to rest on her silky smooth thighs. Fingers dart inside her dress, discovering her swelling nipples, and she lingers for a moment, teasing them erect. The hem of her dress rides up over her thighs, giving us a glimpse of her panties. Amy reaches behind her neck and loosens the dress, which soon falls to her waist, exposing her soft white mounds. She cups them in her hands, squeezing them softly, teasing the hardening peaks between her fingertips. Then shrugging off the dress and letting it fall to the floor she lets a hand fall between her parted legs, continuing to enjoy her breasts as a finger moves back and forth between her thighs, finding her pussy slick. Amy pulls them down over her thighs, exposing her lush pussy hair, and taking a toy in her hand she guides the head to her wet pussy, slowly and gently working it deeper and deeper into her expectant pussy, enjoying the sensations as it penetrates deeper and deeper inside her.

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Fone – Lanterns

Fone in 'Lanterns'
It is a time for celebration, and under swaying red lanterns Fone adjusts her outfit. Her top encloses her large breasts, which press insistently upon it. Her waist is bare and a matching skirt clings to her hips. Fone seats herself on a couch, reclining on it, her hands absently exploring her body, enjoying the feel of her curves as her eyes half close. Pulling her top back from her boobs she fondles them gently, squeezing them, cupping them, and teasing the swelling nipples, tracing fingertips around them before pinching them erect. A gasp escapes her lips and Fone shrugs out of her skirt, quickly pushing drawers down her thighs. A slim hand reaches out to a vibrator, and adjusting the speed she guides the head between her legs, finding her slick pussy, which responds immediately to the insistent buzz of the toy.

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Fon Nisa – Sun Visor

Fon Nisa in 'Sun Visor'
Fon Nisa stands under the hot summer sun in a white top and denim shorts. A sun visor keeps the rays of the sun off her pretty face. Her slim hands explore her body in the heat, baring her delicious breasts. Pulling her shorts down over her thighs Fon reveals her lush pussy and sinking to the ground Fon spreads it.

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Patty Oraphan – White Dress

Patty Oraphan in 'White Dress'
Patty Oraphan pulls the straps of her flowing white dress taut over her shoulders, her breasts squeezed together. Their fullness spills free as Patty allows the dress to fail to her waist. As she steps out of the dress Patty cups her breasts in her hands. Then peeling her panties down over her creamy thighs Patty takes up a dildo and, thighs wide, snatch lips spread, she guides it inside her.

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Amy Berry – Rocking Horse

Amy Berry in 'Rocking Horse'
Amy Berry sways back and forth on the back of a wooden rocking horse. Her thighs grip its flanks as it moves to and fro, and she finds herself enjoying the friction of the rhythmic motions. As it slows she reaches up to expose her full breasts, fingers teasing the nipples fully erect. Pushing her shorts down she lets a finger trail between her legs, feeling the dampness in her panties from her pleasurable exertions. Pulling her top off she cups her breasts, fondling them and teasing her swelling nipples. Then pushing panties down over her thighs she teases her lush pussy hair between fingers, her thighs yawning wide. A sex toy in her hand she guides the tip to her wet pussy, letting the buzzing head play upon her engorged clitoris, then works it up and down her drenched snatch lips, allowing it to sink deeper and deeper inside.

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