Riko Chong – White Chair

Riko Chong in 'White Chair'
Riko Chong dangles her legs over an armchair, her hand pushing through her long black hair. A half remembered song drifts through the room from a radio. Riko begins to stir, rising from the chair and looking through the half open door and over the green landscape visible through it. A crimson top shapes her slim body and denim shorts cling to her waist. Deft fingers unbutton her shorts and then play at her top, slowly pushing it up over her shapely breasts. The denim shorts are pushed over her thighs and fall to the floor, followed by her top. Riko plays with her hair as it tumbles down over her breasts, her fingers then finding her panties and peeling them over her thighs. Her hands tease her neatly trimmed vagina hair and over her pert ass.

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Lita Charat – Treasures

Lita Charat in 'Treasures'
Sunlight flooding in through latticework Lita Charat is seated in the jumble of a barn. She is wearing a t-shirt and denim shorts. With no one around she begins to explore her body, and is soon raising her top over her shoulders and tossing it to the ground. Her small breasts bared she soon begins teasing her sensitive nipples, tweaking them into erect peaks. Her moans rising higher and higher Lita is emboldened to shrug off her shorts and panties, plunging an eager hand between her spread thighs, discovering her wetness with a smile. Reaching into an old chest she finds a hidden vibrator and raises it to her lips. There she licks and sucks the head before pushing it's moist shaft to her wet snatch lips.

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Riko Chong – Pretty Pink

Riko Chong in 'Pretty Pink'
The morning sun glances from pale red roof tiles. Lush green leaves frame the scene. Riko Chong finds a bench seat overlooking this warm vista and seats herself on it. Her entrancing eyes glance slowly back and forth as she takes it all in. Her long black hair falls down her shoulders and her back. A pendant hangs from her neck and down between her breasts, which press sweetly against a loose pink top. Her slim hands rest upon her knees. Riko pulls her top taught against her breasts, the sweet peaks pressing against it until they burst free as Riko allows it to fall from her shoulders. Her pale tits reflect the warm sun. Riko plays her hands at her panties, slowly pulling them over her thighs. Releasing them to the floor Riko guides her hands down first over her breasts than to her waist and finally they come to rest between her legs, slim fingers parting her wet vagina lips.

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