Mo Chada – Dinner Date

Mo Chada in 'Dinner Date'
A dinner date with Mo Chada. The main course is abandoned as Mo rises from her seat, long coat flowing open to reveal her underwear and stockings beneath it. Mo bares her pussy and her full, round breasts. Hands snake between her thighs, contrasting against her bared pussy. Thighs spread wide Mo gathers up a dildo, licking the tip, then takes it between her enormous breasts. Then eagerly she guides the head to her pussy and drives it home.

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Lin Si Yee – Striped Scarf

Lin Si Yee in 'Striped Scarf'
Lin Si Yee takes a seat on the wooden decking of her balcony, a colourful scarf wrapped around her shoulders. As she shrugs it off the straps of her top follow, and her delicious tits spring free, inviting nipples swelling in the heat of the warm sun. Peeling off her denim shorts and panties Lin Si Yee spreads her lithe body across the cool wooden decking.

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Lita Charat – Floral Dress

Lita Charat in 'Floral Dress'
A sparkling, virginal white couch. Lita Charat is seated upon it, wearing a white floral dress. Her slim hands rest together between her thighs. With a smile she allows her fingertips to play upon the secret crevice between them. With some concentration a fingertip discovers and follows the fine line there, and as the tempo of her exploration mounts, she squirms in pleasure. Unable to resist Lita pulls off her dress, revealing her sweet, small breasts, nipples already engorged with the delight she has found. In a moment Lita has pushed down her white panties and dropped them to the floor. The lush black pussy hair guarding her entrance gives up it teasing delights, and Lita enjoys teasing it between fingers. A huge toy then fills her hand, and she enjoys the sensations as she runs her hand along its bulbous length. Wondering at its thickness against her tightness Lita introduces the thick head to her wet pussy lips, and with some pressure it finds its way inside.

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Mo Chada – Big Catch

Mo Chada in 'Big Catch'
Mo Chada wades into the water, stepping over rocks, her fishing rod tense in her hands. Feeling the water gushing over her feet she stops, tugs at her red top until it rises up over her full breasts. Mo takes off her shorts and sits on a rocky outcrop, pulling her panties over her thighs and leaning back, her thighs spread wide, fingers spreading her pussy lips.

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