Chelsea – Island Girl

Chelsea in 'Island Girl'
Thai beauty Chelsea takes us to paradise in a tiny pink bikini and garlanded in flowers. Her smile beams sunshine as she strips, revealing delicious breasts and a neatly trimmed pussy. A massive dildo fills her hands and she plays her tongue upon the tip before slipping it between her thighs.

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Dream Patra – Summer Dress

Dream Patra in 'Summer Dress'
Dream Patra is seated on a bench seat in a summer dress. Her hands play nervously in her lap, forcing themselves between her thighs. As she squeezes them together she realises her growing excitement as she absently works herself against her hands. Then raising a hand she pushes her dress down from her breasts, revealing her pert breasts with their ripening peaks, each of which receives her attention as she rubs and pinches them. Thighs wide a finger finds the crevice outlined by her knickers until wetness appears between her fingertip. Wriggling from her dress she pushes her panties down over her thighs, dropping them to the floor, and looks down between her spread thighs at her bare pussy. Reaching into some hidden place her hand fills with a vibrator, and after licking and sucking on the bulbous head she guides it between her legs, buzzing at her swollen clitoris, until she is ready to plunge it deep inside her pussy.

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Lin Lin – Thai Rose

Lin Lin in 'Thai Rose'
Thai rose Lin Lin slips out of her dress, sweet pert breasts springing free, nipples engorging under the fingertips of the warm sun. A bouquet of red roses reflects her pretty face. Her thighs swing wide as she falls to the floor, and taking a enormous dildo in her slim hands she presses it to her wet pussy.

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Dream Patra – Red Lantern

Dream Patra in 'Red Lantern'
A red lantern sways in a gentle breeze. Dream Patra raises a hand to steady it, her fingertips playing upon it, then falling to the jacket she wears. Unbuttoning it she exposes her pert breasts, fingertips pinching the tips until they stand proud, small gasps escaping her lips as her excitement mounts. Sinking down onto a bench she slips her skirt down over her thighs, a hand pushing into her panties. Absently rolling hardening nipples between her fingers Dream pushes down her panties, peeling them from her slick pussy, and reclining on the bench swings her thighs wide, a slim hand reaching between them as she fondles her breasts, a finger pushing between her shaved snatch lips.

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