Jean Prada – Wash Tub

Jean Prada in 'Wash Tub'
Jean Prada steps into an open air washtub in a white t shirt and black panties and begins to soap herself. As the soapy water flows over her body her delightful breasts spring into view. The clinging t shirt pulled free Jean removes her panties and bares her lightly haired pussy. Jean climbs from the tub, cupping her tits and spreading her pussy.

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Amber Chan – Flower Petals

Amber Chan in 'Flower Petals'
Amber Chan tests the water in her outdoor bathtub. Flower petals float on the surface. Slowly Amber lowers herself into the water, enjoying its gentle flow over her body as she sinks into it. As she plays with a handful of petals her top falls from her shoulders, baring her delicious breasts. Panties slick with water Amber peels them off. Naked she spreads her pussy.

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Nancy Ho – Treehouse

Nancy Ho in 'Treehouse'
Nancy Ho takes the first step on a winding wooden staircase but instead of descending she pauses and then sits down. Pushing her long black hair from her face Nancy starts to cross her legs. Her short skirt rides up over her thighs as she does so, and reveals green polka dot panties. Nancy plunges a thumb into them, and playfully slips them, laughing as they flutter from her hands to the ground below. Her thighs spreading wide Nancy plays a hand between them, along her silky inner thighs and to her bared pussy. Her excitement mounting as her fingers glide over her slick pussy lips Nancy tugs at her top until her shapely tits are bared. And cupping them in turn with one hand Nancy takes a toy and guides it to her now parting vagina lips, gasping as the head enters her.

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Kumja Moon – Boulder

Kumja Moon in 'Boulder'
Kumja Moon is seated on a rocky outcrop. The delicate sound of a light breeze mingles with birdsong all around her. Her raised hand pushes her hair from her pretty face. Kumja slowly pulls first one then both of the straps of her summer dress from her shoulders, and as it falls to her waist the sweet swell of her breasts emerges into view. Their peaks immediately swell. As she continues, pushing the dress over her waist, letting it fall to the ground at her feet Kumja reveals her pussy, thighs nervously spreading.

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Garfield Jantra – Creamy

Garfield Jantra in 'Creamy'
Her eyes light up as the thought comes to mind, and Garfield Jantra reaches for a can of whipped cream. Baring a large breast she excitedly aims a squirt of cool cream over the wide aureola, dips a finger into it and lifts it to her lips. Sucking her finger dry Garfield squirts again, this time a longer burst at both her now bared breasts. As she swirls it over them she slips out of her panties and reveals the neat vagina hair that frames her now wet pussy.

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Jean Prada – Wash Day

Jean Prada in 'Wash Day'
With her washing fluttering in a cool breeze, Jean Prada takes a break, a sultry glance and Jean tugs at her dress, baring her pert breasts. A mischiveous smile and Jean bares her lush pussy, spreading it with her slim hands. Her excitement growing Jean takes a long, clear dildo and slowly slips it deep inside her.

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Beau Suni – Breakfast

Beau Suni in 'Breakfast'
Beau Suni shakes cornflakes into a bowl and splashes ice cool milk over them. Beau contemplates the spoon in her hand for a moment, then discards it, pulling at her apron. Beau unsnaps her shorts and then pulls her brief top over her small, pert breasts. Taking the milk jug in her hand Beau trickles it over her boobs until a flood of the white liquid cascades over them. Pulling off her shorts Beau reaches inside the cornflakes box for her surprise toy and pulls out an unexpected gift. Eager to try it out Beau guides it to her expectant pussy.

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