Ivy – Evening Date

Ivy in 'Evening Date'
Ivy is waiting for a ride for her evening out. The sun is starting to sink to the horizon as Ivy waits alone. With its warmth on her shoulders her wrap falls from them, and as it does so Ivy pulls up her dress and bares the crests of her delicious, pert breasts. Plunging her drawers down over her thighs Ivy throws them aside and stretches her naked body in the still warm sunlight.

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Lydia Nitta – Renovations

Lydia Nitta in 'Renovations'
Lydia Nitta explores a half finished new home, pausing at the bare frame of a window. As the warm sunlight falls on her shoulders Lydia pulls her top down over them, breasts tumbling free, their wide aureola like fresh budding flowers. Lydia slips out of her panties and, now naked, is framed against the light, turning to bask in the sunshine, her shapely rear firm, itself framing a glimpse of her delicious clam.

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Mei Mei – Silver Ladder

Mei Mei in 'Silver Ladder'
Mei Mei takes a break from her endeavours. She pushes a hand across her forehead. She is wearing a t-shirt and denim shorts. She seats herself on a metal ladder, fanning the t-shirt to cool herself. Mei Mei becomes aware of the unexpected pleasure as the t-shirt grazes her stiffening nipples, and she quickly pulls it off and examines her hard nipples between pinching fingers. Teasing, rubbing. The denim shorts fall to the floor, and Mei Mei pushes a hand into her panties. Harder and harder her hands rubs her pussy. Eager for more Mei Mei pushes the panties down, takes a sex toy in her slim hand, and she guides the buzzing head to her wetness, the head slipping deeper and deeper inside.

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Ivy – Corner Flag

Ivy in 'Corner Flag'
Ivy holds the ball up in the corner for Spain as they kick off their World Cup campaign, pulling off her shirt and slipping out of her knickers as the clock ticks down to their first win of the tournament.

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